6 Best Multi Process Welders Under $1000 – Top Picks and Reviews

We have compiled a complete review of the top 6 multi-purpose process welders for under 1,000 dollars.
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Once upon a time, you needed different kinds of welders at hand when working with different materials and complex projects. But with the popularity of multi process welders, you have one piece of equipment doing the job of three.

Now that this welding machine is widely popular, choosing one amongst many seemingly similar options might be difficult. Not only this, but these welders are pretty expensive because of their versatile operation. This is where our review comes in. In this review, we have compiled the best six multi process welders under 1000 dollars.

We would also explore the different factors you should consider before choosing one of the six we have for you and how to stay safe while using a multi process welder. Let’s dive in for a closer look.

Detailed Review of the Best Multi Process Welder Under $1000


Weldpro Digital TIG 200 AEditor's Choice

  • Supply Voltage: 110V/240V 50/60 Hz
  • Amperage Max: 200A
  • Duty Cycle: 40% for DC TIG and 60% for AC TIG
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 7.9 x 16 in.
  • Weight: 31.3 lbs.
  • Material: ‎steel

Other features: IGBT circuits, PWM technology, 2T-4T touch control,  start amps, end amps, gas hose, flow meter, pulse, AC Balance, foot control pedal

The Weldpro Digital AC/DC TIG 200 AMP multi process welder is the flagship product from these manufacturers, so it does more than just weld aluminum and steel. It is one of the cheapest multi process welders on our list, costing less than $1000. It comes with a dual voltage of 220V and 110V.

We were impressed by the digital controls on this multi process welder, as this sets it apart from others. The digital touchpad functions make it easy for anyone to operate the machine. Although you might need to spend some time going through the menu. The welder is also fully equipped with full function TIG welding features and has an impressive rocker style foot pedal design and does not have an intermediate amperage control which most welders find annoying.

What makes it special?

  • What we liked about the Weldpro Digital AC/DC TIG 200 AMP, asides from the digital format and rocker style foot pedal, was the highly capable MMA stick welding function fitted with a stringer. It comes with the same functions for thin metal and aluminum welding too. It also comes with a lightweight design of about 60 pounds and has a strong carrying handle, even with heavy-duty metals, making it quite portable.

What cons did we find?

  • On the other hand, the multi process welder might be a bit difficult to use by old-school welders who are used to dials and knobs. The welding device is also a bit noisy during operation and has a problem with overheating. Asides from this, the Weldpro Digital welder is great for home use and offers top value for your money.

Hobart Handler 140Premium Pick

  • Supply Voltage: 110/115/120V 60 Hz
  • Amperage Max: 140A
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90A
  • Dimensions: ‎19 x 11 x 13 in.
  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Material: mild steel

Other features: self-resetting motor protection, arc performance, industrial cast aluminum wire drive system, five-position voltage control, quick select drive roll, sloped control panel

Next on our list is the Hobart Handler 140MIG, another great multi process welder that offers a price way lower than $1,000. With a five-position voltage control selector, you can enjoy a stable arc regardless of how thick the metal you’re welding is. It can weld Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum, and also 24 gauge up to ¼ in mild steel.

The Hobart Handler 140 MIG has a wide range of advantages that would benefit you. It can operate on household current alone, which means that you can use it anywhere in your home. It also features top-notch arc performance and a lightweight design, all of which make it great for beginner welders. The equipment can be set up within a few minutes, and you don’t have to know how to operate it.

What are our favorite features?

  • We were most impressed by how versatile the welder is, as it can be used for auto repair, farm and home projects. The welder is also pretty easy to use, with a sloped control panel and quick select drive roll that anyone would be familiar with. When it comes to safety, the Hobart Handler welder includes self-resetting motor protection.

What could be better?

  • On the downside, the welder is only great for small projects and not for bigger ones. You also need to have a cart if you want to carry the welder around often, but it's relatively lightweight if you'll be moving it only a few times. Experienced welders might not find the Hobart Handler welder ideal for them too. Regardless of this, it is a trustworthy and versatile unit.
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Forney Easy Weld 140 MPMost Controlled

  • Supply Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz
  • Amperage Max: 140A
  • Duty Cycle: stick 30% @ 80A, MIG 30% @90A and TIG 30% @110A
  • Dimensions: ‎19 x 11 x 13 in.
  • Weight: 20.3 lbs.
  • Material: metal

Other features: easy to use, portable, no gas required, torch wrap, infinite voltage and wire feed speed control

Another multi process welder that would give you more value for your money is the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP. With an affordable price and a wide range of functions, you can enjoy using this as a stick welder, DC TIG welder and MIG welder. It comes with a three-position switch for straightforward and convenient use.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 MP has different features, making it an ideal welder for beginners and experienced welders. With the infinite voltage and wire feed speed controls, you have complete control over your weld. We also love the rugged design, as the entire device is in one metal case so that you can use it daily for different kinds of welding work.

Why are we impressed?

  • On the bright side, the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP features a lightweight, compact, and sturdy design, making it convenient for you if you are moving around a lot. The infinite adjustability feed speed is another plus that gives you full control over this welder. Plus, anyone can use the device, even with a low skill level.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • But welders might be disappointed by the low duty cycle of the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP. Also, even if it can be used as a DC TIG welder, it does not come with the accessories needed for this kind of welding. As for the MIG welder, you need to purchase the gas regulator separately. Asides from this, the welder offers top-notch quality for its affordable price and can be used by novices and professionals.
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YesWelder Digital MIG-205DSBest in Performance

  • Supply Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60 Hz
  • Amperage Max.: 160A/205A
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @160A, 100% @123A; 60% @200A, 100% @154A
  • Dimensions: ‎20 x 16.5 x 11in.
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Material: carbon steel

Other features: synergic controlled, mig, lift tig and stick welding, IGBT inverter technology, automatic protection function for over-current, over-voltage and over-heating

The YesWelder Digital MIG-205DS is another impressive multi process welder under $1000, which runs on IGBT inverter technology. It also comes with the three main functions of all multi process welders and is pretty versatile. The wire feed system is entirely metal and of high quality, and the welder comes with a digital display.

The welder separates itself from other brands with its synergic control, which would give you stable performance and top-notch welding. You can also quickly change the voltage and wire feeding speed, making it ideal for all kinds of metal thicknesses. Its intuitive design and carrying handle make it easy to use anywhere, and it operates with different kinds of power supplies.

What are its best features?

  • Although the low price is a great advantage, the YesWelder Digital MIG-205DS comes with other advantages. We were incredibly impressed with the inductance setting, which you can use to adjust the arc quality. During tip setup, you would benefit from the wire feed button, and the welder also comes with a dedicated 100% CO2 setting. To protect your welder, it has a dust cover over the control panel and a straightforward operation.

What could be improved?

  • On the downside, the YesWelder Digital MIG-205DS comes with no consumables or TIG torch, which is quite discouraging. Beginners might feel a bit lost, as the weld settings are not printed on the machine. Also, during TIG welding, you can't use the foot pedal, and you need your gas regulator. Even with this, the welder offers fantastic value.

Tooliom 200A MIG WelderBest for Beginners

  • Supply Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60 Hz
  • Amperage Max.: 200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @200A, 100% @155A
  • Dimensions: ‎ 20.5 x 15.6 x 12.6 in.
  • Weight: 31.9 lbs.
  • Material: metal

Other features: synergic control, suitable for stick, lift TIG, MIG/MAG, gasless, automatic protection, flux-cored

Another great multi process welder under $1000 is the Tooliom 200A MIG Welder, which comes with a synergic adjustment function for entry-level welders. The device can take care of flux and gas MIG, MMA and lift TIG. It also has a powerful output which you won’t expect from a welder offering a low price.

One major feature of the welder is the fact that the voltage values are intelligently automated matched, which makes it a great fit for all kinds of welders. Its one-button selection system is a great feature we love, which allows you to choose different kinds of welding methods. The machine can be plugged into 110V and 220V. The welder’s capabilities go as high as a 4.0mm plate.

What makes it special?

  • The Tooliom 200A MIG Welder comes with different benefits, like the dual voltage, which allows for a stable arc and smooth transition. It is fitted with an aluminum handle, so you can carry it wherever you want. Asides from the multiple functions, the welder offers automatic voltage fitting. The 2T/4T operation is another unique feature, which allows for spot welding and long-term welding.

What cons did we find?

  • But the welder machine needs to improve in the aspect of its non-adjustable penetration. When it comes to setting up, beginners would also be a bit lost with this machine. Also, voltage display is not available on this welder, only the current, which would discourage some welders. You might also be discouraged by the plastic parts, which are less durable, but apart from that, the Tooliom 200A MIG comes with more pros than cons.
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Mophorn MIG Welder 200ABest Value

  • Supply Voltage: 220V, 60 Hz
  • Amperage Max.: 200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @200A
  • Dimensions: ‎ 18 x 7.3 x 14 in.
  • Weight: 31.3 lbs.
  • Material: metal

Other features: IGBT inverter technology, flux cored wire, distinct panel, inner wire feeder, wide application

The final, but not the least item on our list is the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 AMP, which has a great first impression with the LCD monitor and IGBT inverter. It costs way lower than $1,000 and comes with different practical features like a compact and lightweight size and easy and economical operation.

You can switch welding modes easily when using this welder, which is one of the features we think deserves high praise. The LCD monitor would display the amps and voltage so you can constantly inspect it as you operate the machine. Welders also get a smooth wire feed with the inner wire feeder, while the lux cored wire would give you airless welding.

Why is it special?

  • Different features would benefit welders in the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 AMP, from the flux corded wire and versatile operation. We especially love the corded wire that allows for airless welding. It would give you a self-release metal inert gas while you weld and prevent oxidation of the welded part. The device can be used for standard thin steel and iron so that it can be used for home projects and DIY.

What are the flaws?

  • The Mophorn MIG Welder 200 AMP needs to improve in its TIG welding, as beginners would find it difficult to use the torch gas hose and weld with this function. It also has a short power cable, which is not flexible enough for different kinds of uses. It also lacks a few consumables, and its input power is a bit low for professionals. But you would enjoy the top value it has for your money.

Things to Consider

For anyone interested in buying a new multi-process welder, having more than enough knowledge about this equipment is essential if you want to purchase a suitable device. You would need to understand the tools, the features you need to look out for and how they work.
So, if you’re buying a 3-in-1 welder machine, whether for your home and DIY use or other professional purposes, there are different factors you need to consider and things you need to know. We’ve done most of the work for you by compiling affordable choices under $1000.
In this section, we will explore all you need to know about buying a multi-process welder under $1,000, so even beginners would be able to choose the best one for them quickly. Although the welders all come with different features, it’s best to get the right one for you.

What is a Multi Process Welder For?

If you’re new to welding, you should at least understand that it is equipment that is utilized to join various types of thermoplastics and metals Trusted Source Assembling metals - Practical guide | BBC Bitesize There are a range of techniques, processes, and tools that are used when assembling components. www.bbc.co.uk with very high levels of heat. Different types of welding methods exist when using these machines.

A multi process welder is any welding equipment that gives you the chance to utilize more than one kind of welding type in one unit. It removes the problem of buying individual types of these machines, so you have a single unit that does all. A multi-process welder can consist of TIG, ARC stick, MIG, and spool gun welding processes.

You can find a few multi-process welders that feature plasma cutting, but keep in mind that they would be costlier. When considering multi-process welders, it’s important to be familiar with the main process it provides, its various functions, and the kind of projects you can do with it.

The Main Process

Although the point of a multi process welder is its variety of welding processes, it can’t provide all types at once. There is no general number of processes that it must provide, as they can include two, three or even more.

All these processes would be helpful if you have them in your welding machine, but it is more likely to use one major process often. So, when selecting the best multi-purpose welder for your needs, think of the necessary processes.

Most of this equipment usually comes with one main process that dominates it and other minor processes. For example, it can be a MIG machine that can do TIG and stick processes. So, if you require a stick welder, you shouldn’t buy this type of equipment. Also, on occasion, multi-process welders don’t feature the accessories and components welders need, especially when it regards TIG welding processes.

The Main Functions

The major functions are another essential factor for consideration.

Most of the time, the basic combination is TIG, MIG, and stick welding, and these are fundamental functions that welders would require. If you’re still a beginner, you might not need to add plasma cutting to your welder.

Beginners usually use the MIG function Trusted Source Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding - Process and Applications | TWI The principles of MIG welding are outlined including process characteristics, metal transfer modes, shielding gas types and process applications. www.twi-global.com , which is easy to use for bigger projects and high-strength jobs. The TIG function, on the other hand, is best if you need precision and a clean look while you weld.

6 Best Multi Process Welders Under $1000 – Top Picks and Reviews

A multiprocess machine adds versatility and allows you to switch between FCAW, GMAW, stick, and GTAW.

Stick welding is a versatile function that can be used for different metals and is mainly used among hobbyists and beginners. But, stick welding is not very neat with welding.

Then, there is the plasma cutting function, which is used chiefly for fabricators. It is straightforward and helps you save time. It would help if you considered the functions that you need before purchasing a multi process welder.

Type of Work and Related Materials

Since multi process welders can do many functions and processes, they can also be used for different kinds of welding jobs and projects. The projects you can work on depending on the functions that your multi process welder features.

Whether you want to do DIY and beginner work or need something for home and farm work, you would do well with the multi process welder.

This also means that they can be used to weld different materials. For instance, if you are working with sheet metal, then you can use the TIG welding function. But thicker metal sheets are ideal for the stick welding function.

Welding steel and stainless steel would be great with any multi process welder under $1,000, but as for aluminum, you would need the TIG function with alternating current. It’s essential to think of the type of work you want to do and the materials involved before choosing a multi process welder.

How to Choose the Best Multi Process Welder Under $1000

When choosing the best multi process welder under 1000 dollars, there are different factors that you need to consider, including price. Since the choices on our list are already highly affordable, you still need to think of other vital factors which make up a top-notch welding machine.

In this section of the buying guide, we will explore all the important factors which include quality, performance and weight, duty cycle, power supply, material and size.


The first thing you need to think of when purchasing the best multi process welder under 1000 dollars is the quality and durability it has to offer. This is one of the most important factors that we kept in mind when compiling our review, and so you can expect top-notch quality from the Weldpro Digital AC/DC TIG 200A and others in the list above.

When looking at quality, you need to look at how durable the machine is. The welder should have well-fitting and quality parts that would stay in place for a long time, rather than falling apart after a few weeks. It must also be able to brilliantly combine the different welding processes.

The welding quality offered by the multi process welder is also important. It should be able to work well with different kinds of metal and also have a great output quality. Then, the welder should have a good design that is convenient and reliable. This includes a long cable cord and a dependable handle.

Performance vs Weight

6 Best Multi Process Welders Under $1000 – Top Picks and Reviews

Due to its low weight, the Hobart multi process welder can be easily carried for outdoor work.

Another important thing that you need to consider when choosing a multi process welder under $1,000 is the performance in comparison to the weight. In most cases, welding machines can forgo good performance to make their equipment light, or they offer a very heavy welding machine with amazing performance. It’s important to choose the welder that properly balances the performance and weight.

A great example is the Hobart Handler 140 MIG, which is very lightweight and still manages to give you top-notch performance.

When considering the performance of a multi process welding machine, one has to consider the quick functions and how well it does all the work for you without too much stress. Performance is well-matched with the quality of the welder, and it should include a top-notch max output, high duty cycle, and more. You should check out the performance of a multi process welder before purchase.

Duty Cycle

Another critical factor that you should keep in mind is the duty cycle of the welder. The welding machine can only stay active for a reasonable amount of time before it needs a break for an even longer time. So, the duty cycle indicates how long it would remain on, and the remaining time is when the welder would turn off.

If you would be welding regularly, those with a low duty cycle like the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP won’t be ideal. But, the Mophorn MIG Welder 200A has an impressive 35% duty cycle. This means that it would stay on 35% of the time and use the remaining time to rest.

If you’re not welding often, you can do well with a welder with a low-duty cycle. But, if your project requires consistent welding, then those with a high duty cycle would be an ideal choice. You should keep this in mind when selecting the multi process welder.


Of course, you would have to think of the materials that the multi process welder under 1000 dollars can work with before making your purchase. The main kinds of materials that most welders work with include steel, stainless steel and aluminum, but you should still be clear about what you would be working on so you don’t end up with a less-functioning welding machine.

You should check the description of the welder before you purchase it. For most kinds of metals, most types of multi process welders would do the work just fine. When it comes to handling heavy-duty and thin metals, the Weldpro Digital AC/DC TIG 200A is quite impressive. But, if you want to work with a variety of metals, the Hobart Handler 140MIG would work best

Power Supply

No welder can work without a top-notch power supply, which is why you need to consider this when purchasing a multi process welder for under 1000 dollars. For one, you need to think of the input voltages. It’s usually best to go for welding machines that come with double voltage requirements, like the Tooliom 200A MIG Welder, which offers 110V and 220V.

Having multi process welders with diverse power supplies means that you can plug them wherever you want in your home, so you don’t have to change the power outlets in your garage or workshop.

A multi-process welder’s AC/DC capability is also important, although AC is usually much better because it provides a steady power source. Since multi process welders consume a lot of power, it is more reliable and affordable than a DC source. This is because DC sources usually come from batteries.

All the multi process welders on our list feature a reliable AC source that you can easily find in your home, garage, or workshop.

Size & Weight

6 Best Multi Process Welders Under $1000 – Top Picks and Reviews

Dimensions of the Mophorn MIG Welder: 18 x 7.3 x 14 inches.

Then, the size of your multi process welder is significant, along with the weight. You never know when you need to carry the welder or move it around. Thus, it’s always important to go for a lightweight design like the ones in our review.

Welders that move their machines indoors and outdoors would require one that is portable and lightweight. The lighter it is, the easier it would be to carry from place to place. This doesn’t mean that the welder won’t be heavy at all, especially if it comes with different accessories.

As for the size, having a compact design like the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is essential if you’re working with a limited room. The machine should fit well in your garage or workshop without taking too much space, especially if you are moving from place to place.

Safety First: Features of Multi Process Welders

When using a multi process welder, or any other kind of welding machine, it’s important to consider the safety features. These machines usually come with different safety features to protect you while you weld different metals together.

Most welders come with the automatic protection function, which ensures that it turns off whenever there is a problem of overheating, so it would protect you and prevent the welder from getting damaged. Some welders also add the function against over-voltage and over-current, like the YesWelder Digital MIG-205DS.

It would help if you also kept safety tips and measures in mind when using your multi process welder. For one, you would have to wear protective clothing like an apron and gloves to cover you from flying sparks and a welding mask to protect your eyes from the light and sparks from a welding arc.

Don’t work in a cluttered place when welding, and wear top-notch leather shoes too to protect your legs.


The main benefit of using a multi process welder is that you get different types of functions in one. You would save money by purchasing a multi process welder rather than buying every kind of welding machine individually. It can also be used by beginners and professionals, so as long as you use a durable device, you can use one while you improve your skills.

Yes, they are. Multi process welders are known for being widely versatile, primarily since they work with different types of functions, processes and metals.

It depends on what you are focusing on welding. Beginners won’t require the plasma cutting option, especially since it is difficult and also makes the machine more expensive. You can go for a plasma cutting welder if you need it later on after building your skills.

Our Verdict

The Weldpro Digital AC/DC TIG 200A is at the top of our review list as the Editor’s Choice, with the impressive digital controls and rocker style foot pedal design.

The Hobart Handler 140MIG is another top welder, with top-notch versatility, ease of use, and self-resetting motor protection, making it the Premium Choice. The Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is right after this, with its infinite voltage and wire feed speed controls and a rugged design.

If you’re looking out for the best multi-process welder for under 1000 dollars, it’s best to consider all the essential factors before choosing the best one. These welding machines have different ways to excel, so you should look out for those that meet your welding needs the most.


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