How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges

This article will explain everything regarding starting a mobile welding business, financing, and tips required to maneuver.
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Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Welding is an imperative scope that stretches wide to cover manufacturing, construction, among other entities. It is also a lucrative option for people to make bucks rather than depend on employee salaries. 

The recent Covid pandemic has spiked more reasons for freelancing and door-to-door services. Hence, most welders are falling suit to the current wave of mobile welding. But you may be wondering what are the necessities and how to start a mobile welding business? Read on to discover the tips, costs, and challenges that one may encounter while incepting the mobile welding business. Additionally, there are affordable and worthy MIG welders that will kickstart your mobile welding journey at ease. 

Why Own a Mobile Welding Business?

According to insights by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Trusted Source Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers : Occupational Outlook Handbook | U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment of welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. in 2018, projections indicate that there will be a huge margin escalation welding jobs in the United States by 2028. This is a promising indicator that will create more room for self-employment. Thus, people who will venture into mobile welding will escape the ‘salary cages’ imposed by the nine-to-five jobs.

Another major reason to start a mobile welding business is the massive growth of industries over the past decade. This means that companies will be demanding more welders in the near future. Most companies prefer to work with a mobile welder than an in-house welder. In-house welders subject the company to extra costs due to the monthly payments even when off duty. Mobile welding will provide solutions that companies need and distinguish you from the other welder.  

Moreover, owning your own mobile welding business allows you to helm your work and dictate the rules of your work. It also creates a symbiotic relationship where customers enjoy mobile services rather than getting out in search of welders. Mobility will make a good customer relationship that will boost your revenues. 

What Do You Need Before Start?

Though mobile welding has proven to be an attractive minting opportunity, it is not a walk in the park. There are numerous factors that rookie welders should consider before incepting mobile welding, such as:


How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges
You need to have the specific skills of a specialist in welding to conduct business confidently.

It is no secret that this is a construction sector that involves cutting, biding, and designing sheets and metal parts. Hence, you must hone your skills for you to indulge in mobile welding. Unskilled personnel may incur losses as most clients are not likely to pay for shoddy work. In addition, it will be a time and resource wastage spell.

It would help if you also conformed to the usage of a welder. Choosing a welder with impressive specifications will influence your job quality. The MIG welders under $1,000 are durable, have an ideal duty cycle, and have professional service. This will ensure that you exploit your skills to the utmost results. 


Scrutinizing your mindset is essential in unleashing your potentials. This is because there is a vast difference between a technician’s mindset and an entrepreneurial mindset. One can set and operate the machines seamlessly while the other is proficient in marketing, bookkeeping, and management of workers. 


How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges
Before starting your own mobile welding business, it is essential to do all the calculations to avoid problems in the future.

For every business to flourish, capital is an adamant concern. It is a huge commitment that must be present to ensure everything runs with little turbulence. 

How to Start a Mobile Welding Business?

Mobile welding differs from a land-based welding dealer as it requires some assembly. Before we get to the necessities of how to start a small mobile welding business, choosing the best multi-process welders will provide welding versatility. Below is a guide that has articulated the steps when starting a mobile welding business.

1. Getting Certification and License 

How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges
A ResearchGate Trusted Source The importance of welding education | ResearchGate Welding education is gaining widespread importance as it is very important to be proficient in multiple welding processes. publication reveals that welding education is gaining widespread importance. There are numerous welders who have been trained or acquired the skills via apprenticeship. However, a lack of a certificate may haul your maneuvering in mobile welding. Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to check what license you need to start a welding business. A license is also vital in evaluating your welding methods, tools, manufacturing, and restoration process. 

Certifications are highly required in complex projects such as pipe welding and structural steel tasks. However, some simple repairing gigs may not require American Welding Society certification.


Professionals who have previously been in welding companies may possess certifications from the location they were. Nonetheless, they may be required to undergo a certification test to conform with their new location’s contemporary parameters. Welders who do not have a license can visit the licensing board within the current state and get application forms. 

2. Purchasing the Mobile Welding Tools

You must have your welding paraphernalia that will help in executing mobile tasks. As such, you should be well-stocked to avoid missing any equipment during work schedules. You can purchase from retail shops that have welding supplies. Purchasing from auctioning dealers can save you bucks.

The most crucial tool will be a welder/generator. You should purchase a powerful and decent machine that will not disappoint. This is because it is a power source that runs the grinder, work lights, ventilation, among other crucial roles. The ETOSHA MIG 160 Welder Portable Flux Core Wire Machine has a comfortable hand grip and serves DIY and outdoor repairs on weld raw steel, white steel, staircase, metal cage, square pipe, and sheet metal. 

Other tools essential to run mobile welding include respirators, air cutters, fume extractors, plasma, measuring tape, portable bandsaw, and a welding helmet. Additionally, you may require protective gear such as welding gloves, welding pads, hoists, and surfactants. In addition, it will be useful to choose one of the best welding boots for protection, comfort and durability. You can also have a secure toolbox to ensure that everything is intact. Keep in mind that as you continue with your mobile business, you will add and replace tools. 

3. Purchasing a Truck or Van

Mobile welding involves changing locations from one customer to another. Hence, purchasing a truck or a van is an essential aspect of mobile welding. It is an excellent investment that will help transport you and your tools to the designated customer’s location. Furthermore, it will act as your mobile office and depending on hired means of transport can be devastating and can make you lose clients. 

How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges
Having a van or a truck is essential in running a mobile welding business to transport your tools.

Labeling your truck with your label and displaying your contact details on your van can aid in advertising your job as you move around. This will create more jobs with new clients. You can also consider purchasing a trailer to offer an extra transport facility to make more room in the van that can be used to design racks and even lay a bed. Such factors will elevate your comfortability, especially when delivering mobile delivery services for days.

4. Searching for Clients

Labeling your truck and purchasing the required tools is not a direct ticket to landing clients. You will have to go the extra mile and derive mechanisms of getting clients. Finding individuals and businesses around your area can give you a head start.

Moreover, you can reach out to other businesses such as welding contractors, restaurants, welding part dealers, electricians, among others. You can also talk to construction engineers who may be working in sites where welding services may be required. This will help you in creating a network that will enlighten you on how to land potential clients. 

Digitalization has also led to the invention of neighborhood networking apps that can help in getting clients. You can apply for various job offers and wait for a response from the clients.

5. Promoting Your Business

This is a crucial entity for a business to thrive. You can create a compelling personal business card that summarizes the services you offer. It will help you market your business everywhere you go. The cards should also have contact information and maybe an email where prospective clients can reach you through. 

As business continues to thrive, you can uplift your marketing standards and use leaflets that can be mounted on walls and pillars across your area.


Rather than these conventional means of creating awareness, the world currently values social media marketing. Various avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth are excellent in promoting a business. It is a less cheap method than others, such as influencer marketing, but it will still get the job done. 

6. Searching for Insurance

Accidents can happen, which may cause a huge setback in your mobile welding business. This may be during work or while traveling from one location to another. Insurance will help you claim property damage. Metalworks are also known to inflict injuries that might be lethal and expensive to treat. Hence, insurance will help mitigate the cost of injuries and your assets in case of an accident. 

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Mobile Welding Business?

After understanding all the metrics and requirements, let’s look at how much money you need to start a mobile welding business. It is estimated that you will spend roughly $5,000 on purchasing tools and a basic welder. Additionally, you will have to set aside a minimum of $10,000 for a truck or van. Below is a breakdown of spot-on prices of different requirements for mobile welding.

Welder’s Cost

You should dwell on a portable welder that meets all the professional thresholds. The VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 Flux Core Wire has a comfortable handgrip with a lightweight and compact design that highly suits mobile welding. A welding machine that comes with a generator will have an approximate cost of $200-$300. 

Cost of Welding Tools

Numerous tools such as weld gauges, slag hammers, a welding helmet, grinder, and so forth are required in mobile welding. They have an estimated cost of $2,000, which is prone to escalate if you add more tools to your box. 

Cost of a Van/Truck

The cost of a van or a truck is the most expensive and imperative asset in all of your mobile welding startups. It acts as an office and transporting facility from one location to another. You may cut the cost if you already have a van. 

It may also require a few customizations to meet the requirements of a welding van. Vans have an average cost of between $10,000-$20,000, depending on size and other features. You may also pay an extra fee to take care of the modifications when converting it to a business van. 

What Are Various Markets in Mobile Welding?

After acquiring all the necessities, you should analyze the various markets that can suit your skills. Below are some of the prominent markets in the mobile welding industry:

Equipment Maintenance

It is a more accessible industry that has limited certification requirements. Newbie welders can indulge in equipment maintenance such as large excavators or balers. 

Structural Welding

How to Start a Mobile Welding Business? – Tips and Challenges
To become a structural welder, you must have a welding certification based on a hands-on test of welding procedures and supervised by a welding inspector to ensure that your work is up to code.

Structural welding is a lucrative segment in mobile welding, which involves creating metal frameworks for buildings and bridges. You are also required to cut and repair beams, columns, and girders. Contracts can be sourced by construction companies, shipbuilders, oil and gas companies, ad aerospace industries. 

Pipe Welding

Also known as pipe fabrication, this welding market involves the joining of pipes. It requires numerous welding techniques such as MIG welding, TIG welding, Arc welding, among others. 


1. How Do I Make My Small Mobile Welding Business Known?

After creating a network through advertisements and business cards, perform an exceptional job that will create a trademark for your business. Satisfied clients will applaud your expertise and recommend you to other potential clients. This will make you a top-tier welder and help in growing your business.

2. What Is the Main Benefit of Owning a Mobile Welding Business?

Owning a mobile welding business will break the chains of the nine-to-five cycle employment. This will give you more freedom to make decisions for your business. Additionally, as your business grows, you will escalate your revenue.

3. How Much Money Do Mobile Welders Make?

There are varying rates based on the clients and the type of job that one gets. However, the standard charges for mobile welding are $60 to $125 per hour. But keep in mind that there are costs that will cut off a certain percentage of your salary. 

Final Thoughts

Based on current prospects, mobile welding will exponentially grow in the next couple of years. It has created massive job opportunities in the welding industry. The above article has disseminated all you need to know about how to start a mobile welding business. It has also articulated the steps that are required when starting a mobile welding business.

To protect your job from damages, the key factors to consider are stable financing, certification and licensing, a truck or van, welding tools, and insurance. You should also evaluate your mindset, have different forms of advertising your mobile business, and look for clients relentlessly. 


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The importance of welding education | ResearchGate
Welding education is gaining widespread importance as it is very important to be proficient in multiple welding processes.
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